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Instructor Dr. Andrew Scherbakov Pr. Predrag Cvitanovic
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Final Exam Monday, May 1
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Tuesday, May 2
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Required Textbook

Description and Objectives

This course will teach you the basic principles of Quantum Mechanics. You will learn theoretical principles and problem solving skills applied to the quantum world of atoms, molecules and photons. The knowledge obtained in this class will serve as a foundation for further advanced classes such as Quantum Mechanics II (PHYS 4143), Statistical Mechanics (PHYS 4142), and various electives.


"A modern approach to Quantum Mechanics". 2nd Edition. John. S. Townsend ISBN 978-1-891389-78-8.


PHYS 2212 or 2232 (Intro Physics II), MATH 2552 or 2562 (Differential Equations).

Tests and Grading

The tests will last 75 minutes and will cover the material presented since the previous test. Students are allowed to bring their own materials to the tests (class notes, books etc.) Use of internet-enabled devices during the tests is prohibited. The final exam will cover all the material studied in the course. It will last 2 hours 50 minutes and will be scheduled according to institute policy.

Grading Scale

90 – 100% = A; 80 – 89% = B; 70 – 79% = C; 60 – 69% = D; 0 – 59% = F.


  1. Complete your homework assignments on paper, then scan your work to a single pdf file (we cannot grade multiple image files or other formats), upload it to Canvas under [Assignments] tab.  
    Make sure your pdf is clear and readable. Any smartphone app should be OK – we have tried Scanner Pro on iOS, Top Scanner on Android.
  2. Your homework will be graded online, with the score, grader’s comments posted in Canvas.