Quantum Mechanics I

PHYS 3143 - Spring 2018

3143 A 3143 B

Location: Howey L5
Time: Tuesdays and Thursdays 12:00 - 13:15pm
Instructor: Dr. Andrew Scherbakov.
Office: W108 Howey Building
Phone: (404) 894-5228
Email: andrew_dot_scherbakov_at_physics_dot_gatech_dot_edu

Location: Howey S107
Time: Tuesdays and Thursdays 13:30 - 14:45pm
Instructor: Dr. Michael Pustilnik.
Office: W307 Howey Building
Phone: (404) 385-4247
Email: pustilnik_at_gatech_dot_edu

Recommended Textbook
"A modern approach to Quantum Mechanics". 2nd Edition. John. S. Townsend ISBN 978-1-891389-78-8.

PHYS 2212 or 2232 (Intro Physics II), MATH 2552 or 2562 (Differential Equations).

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This course will teach you the basic principles of Quantum Mechanics. You will learn theoretical principles and problem solving skills applied to the quantum world of atoms, molecules and photons. The knowledge obtained in this class will serve as a foundation for further advanced classes such as Quantum Mechanics II (PHYS 4143), Statistical Mechanics (PHYS 4142), and various electives.

Tests and Grading

The tests will last 80 minutes and will cover the material presented since the previous test. Students are allowed to bring their own materials to the tests (class notes, books etc.) Use of internet-enabled devices during the tests is prohibited. The final exam will cover all the material studied in the course. It will last 2 hours 50 minutes and will be scheduled according to institute policy

Grading Scale: 90- 100% = A; 80 - 89% = B; 70 - 79% = C; 60 - 69% = D; 0 - 59% = F.

Office Hours
3143 A: TU, TH 1:30pm - 3:00pm and by appointment.
3143 B: After class and by appointment.

Course Policy This course will be taught by conventional lecture methods. Attendance for all lectures is strongly encouraged. Successful completion of this course will require a sustained effort on your part to keep up with the material and understand the topics Students excused by the Institute under section IV.B.3 of the Student Rules and Regulations must make alternative quiz-taking arrangements at least a week in advance. Students whose presence elsewhere is required by a court of law, or for whom accommodation for an absence is requested by the Office of the Dean of Students, must substitute their final exam grade for the grade of the missed quiz Note that the Office of the Dean of Students will not make such a request for "routine matters" such as short-term illness, doctor appointments, wedding attendance, job interviews, and the like.

Homework due dates and test dates will be announced in class.

Stern-Gerlach Experiment

Stern-Gerlach Experiment

Stern Gerlach App

Tentative Course Schedule






January 9 Tue Stern-Gerlach Experiments 1.1-1.2  
  11 Thu Stern-Gerlach Experiments, The Quantum State Vector 1.3-1.6  
  16 Tue Matrix Mechanics, Rotation Operators 2.1-2.2  
  18 Thu The Identity and Projection Operators, Matrix Representation of Operators 2.3-2.4  
  23 Tue Changing Representations, Expectation Values 2.5-2.6 Chapter 1,
#3,4,5,6,7, 9,10,11,14
  25 Thu Rotations, Generators, Commuting Operators 3.1-3.2  
  30 Tue Review   Chapter 2,
February 1 Thu Quiz 1    
  6 Tue The Eigenvalues and Eigenstates of Angular Momentum 3.3-3.4  
  8 Thu Uncertainty Relations and Angular Momentum, The Spin-½ Eigenvalue Problem 3.5-3.6  
  13 Tue A Stern-Gerlach Experiment with Spin-1 Particles 3.7  
  15 Thu The Hamiltonian and the Schrodinger Equation, Time Dependence of Expectation Values 4.1-4.2 Chapter 3,
  20 Tue Precession of a Spin-½ Particle in a Magnetic Field 4.3 Chapter 3,
  22 Thu Magnetic Resonance 4.4  
  27 Tue Review   Chapter 4,
March 1 Thu Quiz 2    
  6 Tue Position Eigenstates and the Wave Function, The Translation Operator 6.1-6.2  
  8 Thu The Generator of Translations, The Momentum Operator in Position and Momentum Basis 6.3-6.5  
  13 Tue A Gaussian Wave Packet 6.6 Chapter 6,
  15 Thu Properties of Solutions to the Schrodinger Equation in Position Space 6.8
  20 Tue Spring Break    
  22 Thu Spring Break    
  27 Tue The Particle in the Box and in the δ-function potential, Inversion Symmetry and the Parity Operator 6.9, 7.10 Chapter 6,
#5(a,b only),6
  29 Thu The Particle in the Box and in the δ-function potential, Inversion Symmetry and the Parity Operator 6.9, 7.10
April 3 Tue The One-Dimensional Harmonic Oscillator, Operator Methods 7.1-7.3  
  5 Thu The One-Dimensional Harmonic Oscillator, Operator Methods 7.1-7.3  
  10 Tue Position-Space Wave Functions, The Zero-Point Energy 7.4-7.5 Chapter 6,
  12 Thu Review   Chapter 7, #5,7,9
  17 Tue Quiz 3    
  19 Thu Scattering in One Dimension 6.10  
  24 Tue Review   Chapter 6,

Extra Project in PHYS 3143A


Final Exams

3143 A 3143 B

Location: Howey L5
Time: April 30 (Monday) 11:30 am - 2:20 pm

Location: Howey S107
Time: April 30 (Monday) 2:50 pm - 5:40 pm